Macrogen, K-Quarantine System “Smart Mobile Lab” Export to Indonesia

- First-ever fab on-site testing system for COVID-19 in Korea

-  ply of all-in-one comhensive mobile container-type COVID-19 testing system

- Securing a bridge for global expo by plying to Indonesia


Macrogen (CEO Sukang Lee,, a biotechnology company for cision medicine, announced that it established the first "Sma Mobile Lab (SML)" in Korea and expoing to Indonesia.


Macrogen signed its first expo agreement with LG International, an affiliate of LG Group in Korea and a general trading company, on September 22nd. The initial two expo units will be plied to Indonesia through LG International. Following the first agreement, additional units are currently in last-minute negotiation over additional expo agreements.


Macrogen’s Sma Mobile Lab is the first-ever mobile container type for on-site COVID 19 testing developed in Korea. It offers one-stop COVID-19 testing within a matter of minutes and it can be easily talled wherever as necessary.

Macrogen has designed the SML that is easy to move and tall in order to ply the K-quarantine packaging to overseas that are suffering from COVID-19 testing because of ufficient healthcare quarantine infrastructure. SML with strict Bio Safety Level-2(BSL-2) deals with all stages from viral RNA extraction, real- polymerase chain reaction (-PCR), diagnosis, analysis, and to results. It also provides unique and differentiated services for Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), online/on-site training for lab technicians, and trument tenance.


Macrogen’s SML also displays excellent perance in terms of sustainability as it can be extended into a process capable of molecular diagnostic testing for ious infectious diseases other than COVID-19. Currently, Macrogen is in the course of paration for related patent applications d on the unique design structure of SML and the implementation of differentiated additional features.


Sukang Lee, CEO of Macrogen said, "As a result of scrutinizing at each country's response to COVID-19 after entering our new business field in molecular diagnostics this year, we determined that there was a limit to responding to COVID-19 pandemic by providing test kits, and thus we came up with the Sma Mobile Lab." "This agreement with LG International is expected to contribute significantly towards expanding the scope of local medical systems in s with ufficient disease control infrastructure and strengthening the capacity to respond to COVID-19 by introducing an excellent K-quarantine system." he added.


"We will continue to cooperate closely with LG International to drive business perance in our new business sector, while also transparently sharing ination and actively communicating with customers to enhance our coorate and shareholder value," CEO Lee emphasized.