Personal Genome Analysis
My Genome Story

My Genomestory is a personalized health care solution that helps people manage their health according to their
unique genetic characteristics.

In addition to predicting the risk of disease, My Genomestory helps anyone to enjoy healthier living by understanding their unique characteristics based on their genetic data and improving their overall lifestyle.


Disease Prediction & Wellness Genetic Test

My Genomestory Blue (Disease Prediction), Green (Wellness), and Gold (Total Care), not only predict disease, but also provide a variety of test items required to maintain health and establish a balanced lifestyle based on nutrition and diet for various benefits, including improved skin and hair.

질병예측 & 웰니스 유전자검사

Health & Beauty Genetic Testing

“My Genomestory The Plus” is a DTC (Direct-To-Customer) genetic testing service that allows clients to check their genetic characteristics or health-related wellness categories without visiting a medical institute. These categories consist of nutrients, exercise, skin/hair, diet, personal characteristics (e.g., alcohol flush reaction, nicotine dependence), and health care (e.g., obesity, blood sugar, blood pressure). Our solution analyzes genetic characteristics, based on which we provide a personalized lifestyle guide, not only helping people to lead healthier and more beautiful lives but also providing opportunity to find their true selves.

헬스&뷰티 유전자 검사

Drug Response Genetic Test

The drug response genetic test helps to establish the optimal personalized drug treatment plan such as drug dose control and prescription of alternative drug therapies by predicting the drug reaction (curative effect, metabolism and adverse effect) according to the individual’s genotype.


※ This service will be available in the future.