Single Cell (In Situ / Spatial)

Drawing on years of experience with single-cell multiomics, Macrogen offers single-cell sequencing and spatial transcriptomics optimized for your research needs.

By providing in situ analysis as well as services in spatial transcriptomics in a wide range of areas including cancer research, immunology and neuroscience, Macrogen serves as a reliable partner contributing to research on health, as well as on the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of diseases.


Nanostring CosMx™ SMI

The First Fully-Integrated Single-Cell Spatial Biology Solution with the highest plex, multiomic capability and high resolution

Platform CosMx™ Spatial Molecular Imager
TAT 5 Weeks after ROI section
Sample type FFPE Block (Storage period: 3 years / 35.3mm x 14.1 mm x 4-6 µm / Core Needle Biopsy available)
Fresh Frozen Tissue (Store at -80℃, in cutting, within 6 months / 35.3mm x 14.1 mm x 4-6 µm )
tissue microarray, organoid sample
RNA & Protein Assay CosMx™ Human Universal Cell Characterization Panel (RNA, 1000 Plex)
CosMx™ Human Immuno-oncology Panel (RNA, 100 Plex)
CosMx™ Human Immuno-oncology Panel (Protein, 64 Plex)
Please contact us for inquiries about other panel assays
We offer simultaneous analysis for RNA and protein from sectioned tissue.
Data of Analysis

10x Genomics Xenium In Situ

High-plex in situ from the single cell leader

Platform Xenium In Situ Analyzer
TAT 6 Weeks
Sample type FFPE, Fresh Frozen Tissue
RNA & Protein Assay Human Breast Gene Expression Panel (280 genes + Customize up to 100 genes)
Extensive panel roadmap (Human Brain, Lung, Skin, Kidney, Pancreas)
Various RNA targets analysis can be provided upon request
Data of Analysis
Stain nuclei with DAPI / Identify nuclear boundaries / Estimate cell perimeters