Greenhouse gas emissions
We will participate in climate-change responses for a sustainable Earth
For a sustainable future,
We will continuously monitor the impact of
businesses on the environment
Build Greenhouse Gas Inventory Systems
Macrogen will continue to raise climate change
awareness and endeavor towards ESG management to
make the Earth sustainable for present and future
generations in the long term.
Since 2020, Macrogen has established greenhouse
gas inventory systems in a total of four domestic
facilities (Seoul Gangnam HQ & Genome Center,
Daejeon Genome Center, and GEM Center),
with the aim of expanding the GHG inventory system to
include overseas facilities as well
Through voluntary third-party verification
by the Korea Standard Association,
we have secured data accuracy and reliability
based on international calculation standards.
Greenhouse Gas Inventory
Scope Category Facility Emission source
Scope 1 Stationary Combustion Heating LNG
Mobile Combustion Company vehicles Gasoline, diesel, etc.
Etc. - CO2, Dry Ice, etc.
Scope 2 Indirect Emission Electricity Power
Scope 3 Other Greenhouse Gases Water Water
Business Travel Travel distance by means of transportation
GHG Emissions & Energy
(Unit: tCO2-eq)
Direct Emissions
(Scope 1)
Indirect Emissions
(Scope 2)
Indirect Emissions
(Scope 3)
Overall Emission Energy Usage
2022 430 2,493 81 3,005 58
2021 404 2,360 30 2,794 55
2020 436 2,346 78 2,860 55
※ For the 2022 emissions, third-party verification is scheduled to be conducted.
Facility Emissions
Please check the GHG verification statement. By clicking the button below, you can find Macrogen's verification statement for greenhouse gas emissions.