NGS-based Genetic Panel Lab

Macrogen offers support during the early stages of setting up of labs for next-generation gene sequencing panels, including consulting on the panel itself, related equipment and personnel.

Setting up labs for Next-Generation Sequencing panels, or NGS, requires significant efforts. Have a look at the PMG Lab Business Model developed by Macrogen drawing on its years of knowhow. The Model offers a variety of services, including those for clinical NGS panels, sequencing platforms and manpower.


A number of healthcare institutions desire to set up their own lab for gene sequencing panels based on Next-Generation Sequencing techniques, to offer treatments tailored to each individual with the help of precision medicine. But in reality setting up a test lab for NGS panels requires clinical diagnostic test panels built on years of knowhow, highly skilled personnel and certified sequencing platform equipment, not to mention the time and costs associated with securing such resources. Inevitably, only a handful of organizations have succeeded in setting up labs that meet the approval criteria of regulatory authorities to perform NGS panel testing. With over 25 years of experience in gene sequencing, Macrogen can offer customized support in a wide range of areas on your journey to setting up your own lab for NGS panels and precision medicine, with services covering the panel itself to lab personnel, analyses of test results and equipment.

Certification acquired by Macrogen
in the clinical diagnosis business

Macrogen offers clinical diagnosis services using certified and proven technology.

  1. 2013
    • 2008 Acquired initial certification for
      ISO 9001
    • 2011 Broader certification of all businesses
  2. 2017
    • Acquired certification
      from CAP(College of American Pathologists)
      of U.S.A. and CLIA(Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments)
    • Approved by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for the NGS clinical test lab
  3. 2018
    • Received Grade A in the assessment for the accuracy of genetic tests
    • Acquired certification for PIMIS, the first ever in
      the industry to receive such certification in Korea
  4. 2019
    • Acquired GMP certification for NGS-based reagents for in vitro diagnostics
    • Acquired certification as
      a GCLP, the first ever among businesses offering NGS
  5. 2020
    • Acquired certification from CAP of U.S.A. and CLIA (for the second consecutive time)
    • Received Grade A in the assessment
      for the accuracy of genetic tests
    • Acquired certification for ISO 13485

Key features and strengths of Macrogen’s cancer panels

With some of the most cutting-edge gene sequencing technologies in the world and advanced analytical capabilities developed in-house,
Macrogen offers some of the highest quality services available on the market today.

in genetic testing
for cancer
Optimized for cancer genes
most commonly found in Koreans
A data base on healthy genomes and
genomes with mutations indicating
cancer has been built up through a
number of large-scale projects with
Korean subjects over the years.
Result sheets tailored to each
healthcare institution, made to be
easy to interpret and use
The test result sheets are designed to
offer useful clinical data
in an easy-to-understand format,
tailored to each healthcare institution.
Some of the world’s most
cutting-edge gene
sequencing technologies
With highly skilled personnel and
equipment certified and verified
for their efficacy, Macrogen offers
high quality services to its clients.

Scope of projects to set up NGS-based PMG labs

Macrogen offers services tailored to each client for optimal installation and operation of labs for genetic testing panels using next-generation sequencing techniques.

  • Supply of genetic
    testing panels
    • Cancer panels that have been
      verified for their efficacy
    • Simultaneous analysis of
      all alterations and signatures
      in one go
  • Dispatch of
    skilled personnel
    • On-site assignment of
      senior researchers with years
      of experience in NGS to
      offer assistance.
  • Bioinformatics
    • Reports tailored to each
      healthcare institution
    • Specialists in bioinformatics
      matched one-on-one with
      the client’s personnel
    • Accurate yet prompt analyses
  • Investment in
    • All equipment needed for
      NGS tests
    • Analysis servers

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