Using the Olink Panel, the latest in proteomics analysis, Macrogen is able to offer multiplex screening with a quick turnaround for a reasonable cost.

Olink is a panel based on Proximity Extension Assay, or PEA, to analyze proteomics data.

Macrogen applies the latest in proteomics analysis to offer proteomics screening services. The proteome is the final product of genetic data, generated through the translation of RNA. Being the expression of both genetic and environmental data, thus reflecting the actual biological phenomena taking place, make them highly useful in research, but accessing them have been particularly challenging over the years.

Macrogen’s Olink panel has overcome these challenges to offer a proteomic solution to researchers around the world. Macrogen’s goal is to help realize tailored medicine that is optimized for each individual patient, by offering multiomics analysis that analyzes both genomic and proteomic data.



The Olink panel is a high-quality immune system analysis that both identifies and quantifies biomarkers by analyzing at once a number of proteins of relevance.

Through its Olink panel, Macrogen provides a wide range of solutions involving an efficient identification of protein biomarkers, from protein screening to target identification to verification.

The Proximity Extension Assay, or PEA, leveraged by Olink combines an immune system analysis using antibodies with the PCR method using DNA. Once a pair of antibodies marked using a DNA oligo-nucleotide (barcode) attaches to the target protein in the sample, the quantitative PCR (or qPCR) method or NGS platform is used to read the results. This allows for the concentration of hundreds of protein biomarkers to be quantified in one go. Multi-layered analyses with high specificity can also be conducted, making the panel particularly useful for the discovery and development of protein biomarkers.

Product Contents Features
Olink® Explore 384
Olink® Explore 1536
Olink® Explore 3072
~370 Proteins
~1,480 Proteins
~2,960 Proteins
Mass screening and NGS of data from
the entire Plink protein library can be offered
Olink® Target 96 92 Proteins Research on 15 major pathways
(including one panel using mice) is possible
Olink® Target 48 Cytokine 45 Proteins Appropriate for research on cyotokine and
infection-related diseases; Quantitative
values can be provided from the tests
Olink® FLEX 15~21 Proteins From the 200 proteins carefully selected
from the Olink data base, further
customization can be carried out for the
panel; Quantitative values can be provided
from the tests
  • Cardiometabolic
  • Cardiovascular Ⅱ
  • Cardiovascular Ⅲ
  • Cell Regulation
  • Development
  • Immune Response
  • Immuno-Oncology
  • Inflammation
  • Metabolism
  • Neurology
  • Neuro Exploratory
  • Organ Damage
  • OncologyⅡ
  • Oncology Ⅲ
  • Mouse Exploratory

※It's a kind of Olink® Target 96 panel

Areas of Analysis Description
Data analysis of DE Basic statistics(Fold change, group mean, sd etc.)
Identifying differentially expressed protein(T-test, Mann-Whitney U test, etc.)
Multiple testing correction (FDR, Bonferroni etc.)
Clustering Analysis for DEP ( Hierarchical clustering, etc.)