NovaSeq X Plus & PacBio Revio,
the latest systems in genome sequencing,
will be adopted for the first time in the world

As the global launching partner of Illumina and PacBio,
Macrogen is one of the first companies to bring the most revolutionary sequencing
technology to the market, helping to open up an era of $100 personal genomes.

Personalized genomic medicine

for all 7.8 billion people

Building a healthier future with
innovative genome analysis technology

희망과 함께하는

for humanity

Macrogen opens the door to the future using
body designs for human health

Humanizing Genomics

As a biotechnology company, Macrogen leads

personalized medicine based on individual patients'

human genome information and data analysis technology.


As a global leader in precision medicine that drives innovation by building integrated big data of genomic and medical information, predicting
diseases and conducting human genome research projects, we contribute to the health and happiness of mankind.

Personal Healthcare
Personalized healthcare solutions for managing people's health
according to their genetic characteristics.
Clinical Diagnostics/Treatment
Research on the cause of disease, e.g., COVID19 and cancer
genomic testing for personalized treatment.
Personalized management solutions, e.g., prediction and prevention of
genetic diseases for your beloved pets.
Research Services
Competitive research and analysis for fast sequencing based on
global standard infrastructure.
Social Media
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Global Network
We provide personalized solutions to meet the diverse needs of local customers around the world in a timely manner.