Microbiome Analysis
The Biome / MICROBE & ME

Present personalized solutions
based on microbiome analysis.

Our new gut microbiome analysis service, MICROBE & ME, enables the management of your gut health, one of the major factors in disease, providing a wide range of personalized genome services from disease to wellness. The Personal Genome Division of Macrogen will continue to advance and develop the role of MyGenome Story into a health care mentor and companion so we can help our clients lead healthier lives by offering new and innovative services.


Microbiome Test

Microorganisms in our gut are known as a genomic blueprint for their influence on various diseases such as immunity, obesity, and cancer as well as quantity. MICROBE & ME is our exclusive gut microbiome analysis solution that analyzes beneficial and harmful bacteria, gives us insights into our intestinal environment and helps keep our guts healthy.

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