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Using our cutting edge technological machine Mermade192E (Bioautomation, USA) we process all the steps
required before synthesis with precision and quality.
Deblocking > Coupling > Capping > Oxidation
Our synthesis process goes through above four steps.
While above four steps are being processed, we run a purification on a synthesized single oligocleotide to discard
any abnormally synthesized oligonuceolides, yielding the utmost quality of your oligo product.

  • Modification of more than 30 variety of fluorescent dye is available and we take in orders that are 50nmole scale.
  • For more information please refer to our oligo price estimate and contact Macrogen's oligo representative.

Macrogen's MOPC purification method can cover unusually short or long oligo purification when compared to
desalting or OPC purification. Such MOPC purification method is offered with no additional cost so that all our customers
could enjoy our quality results.

Processing of MALDI-TOF QC on all Macrogen's oligo products.
Companies that process entire oligo products are extremely rare.
Compared to generalized QC method PAG gel QC, MALDI-TOF QC method provides detailed review of
N-1, N-2 yielding flawless QC results.
ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality control system.
Macrogen's oligo is a quality control system which has been certified by BSI (British Standards Institution)
ISO9001 and TUV(T??????) ISO13485.
  • ISO9001
  • ISO13485